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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Postcard Thursday: Henry Clay Frick

If you haven't already seen it, James had a piece earlier this week on Curbed about the building of Henry Clay Frick's mansion, which today houses the Frick Collection. (The article is here:

Due to space considerations, some illustrations did not make the final article, including this great postcard (above) which shows the ongoing rivalry between Frick and his sometime partner, Andrew Carnegie. Around the time Frick was moving to New York, he had his company's headquarters built in downtown Pittsburgh next to--and taller than--Carnegie's, so that Frick's building would also bathe Carnegie's in shadow.

There are a few other illustrations that didn't make the cut--including an 1884 Life magazine cartoon about the Lenox Library--that can be found on our Facebook page: If you haven't had a chance, why not follow us on Facebook? Not only do we post these blog entries there, but also links to all sorts of other New York City history.

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