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Friday, August 15, 2014

Updated Blog Layout

You may have noticed that we changed the layout of the blog a few weeks ago.... and today we've changed it again. Most people who reach the blog do so through a Google search for a specific person or event, and we want to make the site as useful to them as possible.

(If you've read Footprints in New York, you may remember that "Anne Hutchinson" was the search term that brought more people to our blog than anything else. That's no longer true. Recently, she's been edged out by "Robert Fulton," but we'll see how long he hangs onto the top spot.)

Let us know if you have any feedback about how you think the Inside the Apple blog could be more useful to you.

James & Michelle Nevius

PS: James now has a separate website and blog of his own. Visit him at for more info.

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